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The Indians were left with allotments from 40 acres to 320 acres, with the Interior Department assigned to manage grazing, timber and oil and gas drilling, and ensure Indians received royalties for those activities. Staff members at most Family History Centers will usually assist you at getting started on these searches.

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Early fiddle bands of the Tohono Oodham adopted the style of music heard in northern Sonora Mexico. 1966 Guerra, Maria Lopez Sept.24, 1909 - Oct.7, 1984 Guerrero, Alfredo Oct. This chapter explains the "major population movements that transformed, displaced and integrated the pre-Hispanic Indian population of Mexico." And, in the process, the phenomenon of assimilation of many Indian groups into the national identity is more easily understood.The instruments played are accordion, saxophone, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and percussions. In the first few pages, Donna proudly states that "Mexican Americans are the face of Native America....Each band member has his own style of playing each instrument and adds their own ingredient to what is now known as Native Creed. Mexican Americans are proud because we know that North America has been our home for thousands or years.For some, this will be a new experience in a new city and state. A set of more than 300 bound volumes of photographic prints, created about 1930, reproduces records up to the time of the suppression of the Society in 1773.Although Native Creed primarily performs on the Tohono Oodham Nation, Salt River Indian Community, Ak Chin,and Gila River Indian Community, they are willing to travel to other states aswell as other tribal nations and represent this style of music. The series of records of activity in Japan, China, and the Far East is the most extensive, but all areas are documented in considerable detail.

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