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Because your mobility will likely be limited against these teams, having additional HPS is important for your survivability while being trained. It reduces the CD of your fear by 30-seconds, allowing you to use it more frequently on enemy targets.

Over the course of a longer arena match this is really important for being able to consistently force enemy CDs.

All information in this guide has been provided by Chas (10x Rank 1, 6x Gladiator).

Due to the meta being so fast paced, Body and Soul is the optimal talent choice in this tier as you simply don’t have the spare globals to be using Angelic Feather.This will only work in short games because you will lose a lot of healing from losing Vim and Vigor and you will quickly burn through mana with this talent.If you are fighting a team with multiple damage over time effects, Purified Resolve is the best talent.Finally, you may chose to play Adaptation against Hunter or Warrior cleaves where you know you will be trinketing infrequent CC’s such as Freezing Trap or Intimidating Shout.Because it is unlikely that enemy teams will ever target you, Vim and Vigor is the best talent for your first tier.

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