Why courtship is better than dating

Things she should know and evaluate, things they could discuss and work out together.Each of our married daughters also answered these questions for their suitors during the courtship. If you decide to borrow our idea and use these questions, make sure you customize them for your own family.The hunger in our little tummies and the breasts that fulfilled that need were one.

However, he has been hesitant to make them available, since it is easy for people to want a formula for courtship.

Of course the hapless humans have no idea that they are now controlled from the mother ship. Harville Hendrix, believes our “old brain” which records emotional responses, creates an exact resume’ of our future spouse. For instance, both Lois and I came from homes which were not very demonstrative about voicing emotions—good or bad.

We marry the emotional image of our care-givers—both positive and negative. John Money agrees that each of us begins to form ideas of the “perfect” partner the moment we are born. So, we have worked hard at saying “I love you” to each other and to our kids.

Each young man is free to decline questions he feels are too personal.

Incidentally, our daughters and current sons-in-law even helped add questions to this list – a list that has grown over the years.

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