Weblogic.jms.common.jmsexception destination not found

This document takes the reader through troubleshooting and resolving one of those reasons - improperly configured RFC destinations and system aliases.

AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE); Queue Sender qs=session.create Sender(queue); Text Message message=session.create Text Message("hi its very urgent please"); qs.send(message); connection.close(); please help me out..I have created a Connection factory with jndi name 'jms Connection Factory1' and a jms queue with jndi name 'Queue-1' in system I write the following code and run on a different system ( JMSException: Connection not found But if I create those same queues in local system and change the url to t3://localhost:7001 in provider url, connectionfactory,destination queue in the same code ;it works fine,the queue in local system gets the sent message.B: jms_mdb is unable to connect to the JMS destination: Queue-1. Hi, I'm running the application in action of in WEBLOGIC 8.1.The Error was: [EJB:011010]The JMS destination with the JNDI name: Queue-1 could not be found. Originally posted by gopinathang nathan: - Check, you are able to see the "Queue-1" object in the JNDI tree of the source server. I'm able to see that Queue-1 in the JNDI tree of that remote system.

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