Sql updating multiple columns

your answers should be in one table, using an FK to relate them to the questions table.

btw, why did you make up ficticious table names and then add the explanation?

Each value in a field represents a single type of data.

sql updating multiple columns-43

Introduction to SQL SQL Lesson 1: SELECT queries 101 SQL Lesson 2: Queries with constraints (Pt. 2) SQL Lesson 4: Filtering and sorting Query results SQL Review: Simple SELECT Queries SQL Lesson 6: Multi-table queries with JOINs SQL Lesson 7: OUTER JOINs SQL Lesson 8: A short note on NULLs SQL Lesson 9: Queries with expressions SQL Lesson 10: Queries with aggregates (Pt. 2) SQL Lesson 12: Order of execution of a Query SQL Lesson 13: Inserting rows SQL Lesson 14: Updating rows SQL Lesson 15: Deleting rows SQL Lesson 16: Creating tables SQL Lesson 17: Altering tables SQL Lesson 18: Dropping tables SQL Lesson X: To infinity and beyond!you really ought to help make it easier for poeple to try to help you.There are other issues but, I got confused with the table names. It is the language used to access data stored in a SQL database. For example, a table might have three fields: name, city, and state.With SQL, you can query your database in a variety of ways, using English-like statements. The table will consist of three columns: one for name, one for city, and one for state.

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