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These impressions have power and authority because they are presented in the printed and bound textbook with its aura of an authority that is beyond question and criticism.

Although textbooks are used in many different ways, they are still dominant and powerful educational tools that shape students’ views.” In his study Romanowski goes on to describe how through the careful use of language, US school textbooks depicted Japanese internment camps in the United States during World War II in a manner that marginalised Japanese-Americans, while subtly mitigating any real criticism of the US government’s actions.

Despite numerous critiques and thousands of online articles and activist campaigns, the Establishment is simply doubling-down on their positions.

Australian journalist and filmmaker John Pilger has emerged as one of the leading voices in recent generations exposing institutional Western war propaganda.

This idea goes much deeper than just state snooping on its own citizens when you consider the consequences of people becoming afraid or overly self-conscious about which web pages to visit or which search terms they input into Google.

What happens when our private lives become public property?

If that’s the case, shouldn’t we be allowed to snoop on the state? It is every citizen’s duty to know Patrick Henningsen is the founder and editor of the news and analysis website 21st Century Wire, and is an independent foreign and political affairs analyst for RT International.

By employing various strategies designed to manipulate search engines and their results, any cabal can influence public opinion on a range of subjects and issues – which in turn help determine which policies are implemented, political outcomes, and even what laws are passed.

Waking Times By carefully controlling mainstream media and educational institutions, elite social engineers are able to control the flow of public discourse in order to serve their own goals and interests.

By doing this, they create something akin to ‘consensus reality’.

Because the selection and structure of knowledge affect our perception of the world, the language and context used to articulate knowledge are crucial.

Textbook authors select particular language that creates impressions in the minds of students.

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