Outlook calendar updates not updating

Outlook users can share all of their personal folders including email.So, tasks, calendar, journals, contacts, mail and notes can be shared.This is what most people think of when wanting Outlook group calendar or Outlook team calendar functionality; and this is what distinguishes Outlook shared calendars from Outlook group calendars and/or Outlook team calendars.If you are interested in how to share Outlook calendar information then refer our special report: How to share Microsoft Outlook calendar and contacts.

You can create and save multiple group schedules, each showing a group of people or resources.In addition to checking people's schedules to organize meetings, you might also need to schedule resources, such as the conference room where you plan to hold the meeting, or the slide projector that you plan to use for a presentation.Before you can schedule a resource, your Microsoft Exchange Server administrator must create a mailbox account on the Exchange server, and you must be granted permission to schedule resources, along with any other associated resources.Group calendars are commonly needed among organizations that rely on Microsoft Outlook for managing calendars.In this special report the Outlookipedia team examines group calendar solutions for group and/or team based scheduling.

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