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Percussion lock appears to be in working order, has a powerful mainspring. Andrew on cross, battle honour Sphinx over "EGYPT". All plates and text pages are in fine condition Reduced to 0 1466) British Pattern 1821 Light Cavalry Officer's Sword with Unusual and Fine Quality Blade.

I have not pulled it back to full cock for fear the original (and very tender) rope lanyard would tear apart rather than operate the sear. Motto "NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT" (both the regimental and Scotland's motto). 35", flat unfullered slightly curved blade with fine quality etching of "Crown over VR" scroll designs and maker/retailer "ANDREWS / 9 / PALL MALL / LONDON" , proof mark on obverse, back marked "PROVED".

The suit's links are graduated in thickness and diameter, heavier on the upper body and becoming lighter towards the bottom (where there would be leg armour as well), and on the lower arms. Solid uncleaned checkered grip, no cracks or repairs, several shallow pressure marks on right side. The # 1430 is the issue # of some police force, so well-stamped I believe it was applied by Webley as part of the order. This explains the lack of a powder flask or a space to hold one.

There is an inscription on the upper right breastplate. Regarding the handcuffed wrists, I quote from Dowell's "The Webley Story", p.66 "...frame is stamped with the Webley trade mark depicting a pair of handcuffed hands. barrels with hook breeches retain much original genuine twist finish, ribs engraved "A. Leather tabs allow entire compartmented interior to be removed from case.

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John Round & Son Limited is listed in Sheffield at Tudor St.

Blade retains all original bright polish, etching like new/mint (has 2 tiny edge nicks that are so small they do not detract). Reduced to 0 1608) Indian Katar, 17th - 18th Century.

Brass guard retains all original gilding, is undented, ex. Iron scabbard with smooth age patina, no dents whatever. 12" triple-fullered blade cut down from Firangi (European) sword blade.

Solid, uncleaned, massive stock with brass mounts, no cracks or repairs. A." and in large letters in the obverse fuller "DONNE PAR LE ROI" (Given by the King).

A good Flemish, German or Swiss crossbow for hunting or target. Blade retains much original polish, all etching sharp and clear as new.

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