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Instrumental experiments made Aquarium a big-band with a great wind section, a rock group with up-to-date electronic equipment, an acoustic guitar and chello duet, etc. Under the influence of Sergey Kuryokhin Aquarium was for some time inclined to the free form music and Grebenshchikov himself took part in recording the music by Kuryokhin and his group Popular Mechanics.The success of the group with the general public was enabled by 'magnitizdat'.Orthodox biography ORTHODOX is trio from Sevilla, Spain who models their image, with full robes and pointed hoods, on the Catholic penitential brotherhoods of their home town.The city holds processions throughout the week leading up to Easter known as "Semana Santa." Their debut album "Gran Poder" was released in 2006 on Alone Records (also released as a 2 LP Vinyl limited edition on Southern Lord records).By the middle 1970s the group developed its own unique style conditioned by the tastes of its musicians - from bard songs with romantic protest (Marionetky/Puppets) to lyrical and nostalgic folk (Svecha/Candle) to blues and rock-n-roll.The fame of the group was mainly enabled by semi-underground concerts and 'magnitizdat' records (albums Malenky Printz/Little Prince and Chuzhie sredi Chuzhikh /Aliens among Aliens).Aquarium Mashina Vremeni Kino Zoopark DDT Alisa Kalinov Most Grazhdanskaya Oborona Aria Chaif Nautilus Pompilius Krematorii Noll Tchizh & Co Mumii Troll Korol i Shoot Leningrad Spleen Khoronko Orchestra Umka i Bronevik Stantsiya Mir Nick Rock NRoll ) Aquarium played a special part in the history of Soviet rock music and still stands out in the panorama of modern bands.It was the activity of this group in the early 1980s that served as a catalyst for consolidation of the leading creative powers of the uncoordinated amateurish rock movement.

Here we are mentioning a number of well-known Russian bands, which can personify the notion of Russian rock.The "Gran Poder" title is a reference to one of these brotherhoods: Hermandad de Jesus de Gran Poder (Brotherhood of Jesus of the Great Power), that was founded in 1431.ORTHODOX having reference to the Catholic religion might seem a bit paradoxical, but the procession throughout the week focuses on some stage of Jesus' suffering on the way to, or immediately after, the crucifixion.The hit Povorot/New Turn was acknowledged the rock song of the year 1981.In the mid 1980s the group firmly established itself as the 'monster' of Russian rock and became one of the first commercial rock groups with official records, tours and participation in cinema shooting.

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