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That movie was the biggest disappointment we ever had in our career. Almost all of his films feature at least one character who suffers froma mental or physical disability, (e.g.

MORE FROM OUR ARCHIVES: How did the ancient mass media report the alleged birth of Christ?

You may wake up being a 50-year-old Hispanic lesbian professor trapped inside a 20-year-old Papua warrior inside a pregnant 40-year-old Palestinian mother of 12 children inside a promiscuous 19th-century Russian ballerina inside a gay German Shepherd inside a drunken Babylonian hillbilly inside an ageless queen of Vulcan - and so on - all living in different historical eras, continents, and even planets, existing as one academically impeccable intersectional nesting unit.

The more new identities you take on, the less likely you'll miss the one you've lost...

MORE MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid labeled rural Americans “the core threat to our Democracy” and called for the abolition of the electoral college to limit their ability to influence elections and government.“This is the core threat to our democracy.

The rural minority — the people have and will continue to have disproportionate power over the urban majority.” And, “That (ending gerrymandering) and the abolition of the Electoral College would be a start.”Don't let the red area on the map fool you; it's actually a Rethuglican trick to make it look larger than the blue areas.

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    The program included a custom city guide to Vegas on Playboy.com, a chance for fans to win an epic 48-hour trip to Las Vegas, and social amplification to Playboy’s massive audience.

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