Kate gosselin dating show

“He piqued my interest,” says Gosselin, 40, after the whirlwind evening, which included dinner and a helicopter tour of Manhattan. While Gosselin may still be learning the ropes when it comes to dating, she has everything else under control.

But when it came time to call it a night, the mom of eight admits she didn’t know whether a hug or a handshake was in order.

Kate Gosselin stopped by "The Today Show" Monday to dish on the difficulty of dating after divorce.

The reality television star and mother of eight told Ann Curry that fame has come at a price.

“I’m not thinking about it, but the thought has crossed my mind at some point [that] it’s going to be scrutinized,” Gosselin, 34, tells Ellen De Generes on an episode of her talk show set to air Wednesday.

“Let’s not talk about it.” De Generes agrees: “Exactly, and some guy is going to have that same concern.” Gosselin says she tries to live her life surrounded by cameras – and “the 18 cars that follow me around” – by thinking of her eight children.

Kate Gosselin may be single and open to mingling - she told People in January that she wasn't "ruling out" finding someone new after her divorce - but that doesn't mean she's getting her own dating show.

Gosselin filed for divorce from ex-husband Jon in June 2009 after ten years of marriage.Just because she’s not wearing her wedding ring much of the time anymore doesn’t mean that Kate Gosselin‘s back on the market.In fact, the reality-show mom says it’s not going to happen while she remains the focus of so much media attention.One of the parents reportedly took the daughter to the dentist, but the former spouses couldn't agree on who would be taking her home.This allegedly ignited an argument between Jon and Kate over the custody order, which involves both parties having some sort of shared custody.

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