Intimidating interview techniques

Key requirements of effective listening include: This applies to both the interviewee and the interviewer.Communications expert Albert Mehrabian believes the vast majority of face-to-face communication is presented by our tone of voice and body language, with only 7% being attributed to the spoken word.Whilst you may be the one doing the interviewing, candidates are also making their own judgement about you and the company.Just because someone has applied for a job and attended an interview does not mean they will take the job if offered.Walk with her to each employee's office, introduce them and then sit in while the team member asks his questions.

A group interview, also called a "panel" interview, is a common technique for bringing your team and job candidates together.

Chances are that if you apply for a big scholarship like this, you might have to go in for a scholarship interview.

Scholarship interviews usually happen after several rounds of cuts and are reserved for the best-qualified candidates to meet with a selection committee.

When a potential employee will have to work with a number of key individuals in the process of doing his job, a "meet the team" style interview process is a simple way get him better acquainted with the position.

Since the process of meeting the team is a time-intensive process for the candidate and the team members, this is a process best reserved for a second round or later interview session.

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