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We wanted to make it easier for anyone who's inspired to build off our work.

There's a lot of potential in connecting people to nonprofits, and Dollar a Day only scraped the surface. Some I already knew (and can attest to their value) and so many more I loved to learn about.

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Months later we received our 501c3 status, so we decided to switch to Stripe (another great payments product) to have a bit more control over the user experience of checkout and emails donors received.

We hoped that Dollar a Day would grow organically — fueled by people sharing it with their friends.

If it grew a ton, we would recruit a dedicated team to nurture and support it.

Since we were not a 501(c)(3) when we launched (this takes time and paperwork, as it allows you to offer direct US tax-deductions to donors) we used a company called Network For Good to process all donations.

They're a payments processor for nonprofits, and by using them, donations were US tax-deductible even though Dollar a Day was not yet a 501c3.

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