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To many people, I’m sure, it’s just a film about a man earning money through underground fights, to help out the wife and child of his murdered brother, but in my mid-teens it was absolutely beloved.

While it may seem strange to judge an action icon's screen prowess by his hair, JC’s previous films as a lead hero had seen an assortment of bad partings and stylistic choices that made an incredible difference at such a young age, as to how cool he was.

So naturally, adding two roles for the Muscles from Brussels to play in one film, giving his underrated comic delivery a chance to spar with itself, as polar opposite characters, made leap to the top of my chart.

It also features a few scenes that are overlooked in action cinema - in particular a frantic fight scene on a boat, trafficking bootlegged cars, that features double the kickassery." Which brings me nicely to , for my money VD’s most underappreciated film, and one which allowed him to play two even more diverse characters under one roof – there’s notorious serial killer of mothers Van Damme and slightly special, puppy dog Van Damme, who’s cloned from the DNA of his murderous counterpart.

Last year, while waiting on a rain-soaked red carpet for and contributed the following: "As a young kid getting into action flicks, JCVD always seemed to be a higher-intensity figure than the hyper-muscular, superhuman Stallone or Arnie.

Thinking about it, it’s exactly the element that’s missing from which is something Stallone should address as soon as possible. Speaking of such things, the rather fine re-teaming of singer Stan Bush and composer Paul Hertzog (they’d both done the music for had on my affinity for Van Damme, without contextualising.Yes, it’s as insane as it sounds, but a great little movie under the helm of to be more precise) only with more bloody violence and broken glass.A young, rookie fighter is trained by a wise old master, by some rather unconventional methods, in order to get some payback - though to be fair Mr Miyagi wasn’t an advocate of brutal revenge.As I stated in my review of , I grew up at a time when action movie sequels went straight to video, so the mere fact that the franchise has given not just Van Damme, but stars like Lundgren and Norris a chance to shine on cinema screens once more, makes the film even more of a special event.Unsurprisingly then, for an action junkie like myself, when the final confrontation between Stallone and JVCD finally happens, it felt like Christmas day as a kid again.

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