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And as Rachel Cooper (Lillian Gish) once proclaimed in The Night of the Hunter: "That watch sure is a fine, loud ticker.": The Royal Navy's Hydrographic Department was supplied with Zenith deck watches during World War 2. 3" markings on the casebacks were struck out and replaced with NATO style markings.

After the end of the war the watches were returned to the Admiralty at Herstmonceux Castle where they were redialled (like this example) and eventually re-issued. The issue number of these watches corresponds to the last four digits of the movement serial number.

Fillings for these delicate half-moon pastries were usually fruit...peaches or peach butter." ---Taste of the States: A Food History of America, Hilde Gabriel Lee [Howell Press: Charlotteseville VA] 1992 (p.

GS Mk II refers to a type of military watch issued to the British Army from around the mid-1930's until the early years of the Second World War.This pocket watch commemorates the 1980 Olympic Games which were held in Moscow.These games were infamous for the large number of countries which boycotted the event following the Soviet Union's involvement in Afghanistan.They were purchased by the War Department from very many different sources and not all bear manufacturer markings, hence I decided to show my GSTP's all together.All these watches are Swiss made, have 15 jewel movements and black or white dials with Radium luminescent paint applied to the dials and hands.

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