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Two original vintage 8-ohm MSP speakers wired in parallel to give a 4 ohm load, but if you prefer I can re-wire them in series to present a 16 ohm load.Very cool, very usable - went to Tony 1960s Goldentone 1746 40-watt Bassmaster - Goldentones are probably the most well-known of the range of Australian vintage valve amps, and they are finally getting the respect they deserve, as collectors and musicians alike snap them up.

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4 inputs, 2 x EL-34 valve output for about 40 watts - went to James early 1960s Vase BGB80 Bassman amp - this has to be one of the highest quality amps I've ever seen, and it's made here right here in Aus! Vase amps were well-known for their build quality, and this extremely early version is no exception.

It would be more accurate to say that approx 650 of each of these models were produced in ’60.

Grouse Guitars - your vintage guitar, bass and amp dealer. Probably only 5 or 6 watts, so it sure won't blow your quadbox!

Previous long-term owner fitted 2x10" Celestions in place of the original 3x8" drivers. - went to Shane 1959 Goldentone 30-40 watt 2x12 combo (EL-34) - as amazing old Goldie, built before they settled on their eventual family of amps using 6DQ5 and 6DQ6 output valves.

This uses a pair of EL-34s (and an EF-86 pre-amp) to give some really great Aussie-flavoured British tone.

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