Dating fr male and female in romania

The county also included the area known as Mempisque, which comprised the pagus Mempiscus (on the North Sea coast between the rivers Aa and Yser), the pagus Pabula (between the river Marcq in the west, the Scarpe to the south, and the Elno and the pagus Tornacensis to the east), the pagus Caribantus (south of the river Lys, west of the pagus Medenentensis, east of the pagus Leticus, and north of the upper Deule river), and the pagus Medenentensis (east of the pagus Caribantus, west of the river Marcq, south of the river Lys).

Information relating to these individuals is incomplete and, in part, contradictory.The county of Flanders took its name from the Carolingian pagus flandrensis, located around Bruges, the countship of which was granted to Baudouin I in 863 by Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks whose daughter he had abducted.Before this date, the senior governing figure in the area was apparently the "forestier", in other words the "controller" of the forests, a post held successively by some of Baudouin's supposed ancestors, although both their existence and, if they did exist, the extent of their authority is subject to debate.The earlier generations of Count Baudouin's alleged ancestors are referred to as counts at Harlabecce, presumably Harlebeke on the outskirts of Courtrai.It is assumed that, if they were historical people, they were minor lords whose jurisdiction was limited to a small area.

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