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When Alex pointed that out he said "That's before I knew he wanted to kiss you! He can be somewhat of a cheapskate; for example, in "Taxi Dance", he is unable to remember the number of the hospital room where Justin was born when he remembers his own lottery ticket number from that same day, and being so cheap that his antics resulted in Theresa giving birth to Alex in a taxicab instead of in a hospital.

Notably, before this, Theresa told the kids that Jerry had tried to make her walk to the hospital while she was in labor, to which Jerry replied, "I offered to push you in a shopping cart! More notable, in "Western Show", when Max's increase of intelligence and maturity make him apply for various colleges, instead of showing happiness for the success of his son, he was upset with the possibility of having to pay for his learning.

Gerardo Pepe "Jerry" Russo is the father of Alex, Justin and Max Russo and co-owner of the Waverly Sub Station, with his wife Theresa (whom he accidentally insults on occasion). He is stern, protective and is annoyed by Alex and Max constantly, and even by Justin occasionally.

He is also a former wizard, who chose to give up his powers to marry his wife Theresa, a mortal, due to a rule forbidding wizards to marry mortals. Unlike his children, he does not have powers any more; nonetheless, his children inherited their powers from him, with Max having a fascination of the magic normal humans can do such as microwave popcorn, Alex being a natural at magic yet using it recklessly, and Justin continually trying to improve his magic through knowledge.

Jerry has an younger brother named Kelbo (Jeff Garlin), who is seen in the season one episode Alex in the Middle, who is the wizard in Jerry's family because Jerry had to give him the powers to marry Theresa.

Jerry's children consider Kelbo to be more fun than Jerry, and Alex even decides to have Kelbo be her magic teacher, and is revealed to be irresponsible with magic (almost as much as Alex is sometimes) as is shown when Kelbo fails to stop a package of sea chimps that spouts a huge gush of water eventually flooding the wizard lair and turning Kelbo and Alex into sea chimps.

Corelli), Romi Dames (Traci Van Horn), Morgan York (Sarah), Peter Allen Vogt (Albert Dontzig), Lisa Arch (Liza), Jack Taylor (Dandruff Danny), Kyle Kaplan (Chad the Chomper) Notable Guest Stars: Corbin Bleu (Johnny Collins), Matt Winston (Fermine), Paul Vogt (Mr.

Jerry is proud of his magical ancestry and teaches his children about the proper uses of magic in "Wizard Training Class" on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in the lair magically disguised as a food locker in the restaurant.His most popular catchphrase is "But-he-you-she-ALEX! " Jerry is the typical over-protective father towards his daughter. When Max is accidentally transformed into a little girl in "Daddy's Little Girl," Jerry calls the new Max "Maxine" and dotes on her, which does not go unnoticed by a jealous Alex, who tries to get her father's attention to no avail.It was first shown in season one's First Kiss when Alex claimed to have had her first kiss. However, when he becomes aware of Alex's jealousy and sadness, Jerry apologizes to her, explaining that he only did so because Maxine reminds him of Alex when she was little and reassuring her that she will always be his little girl.Aside from the names, no other specific connections or further implications seem to have been made connecting Jerry's youth and the events in these stories.Show & DVD Details Creators: Michael Poryes, Rich Correll, Barry O'Brien / Regular Director: Roger S.

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