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One of the most fascinating things about living in Indonesia is the discovery of bits of Indonesian culture which are actually not Indonesian at all, but originate in other lands.

For centuries, the Indonesian archipelago has been visited by traders from many corners of the world who came to buy spices and other agricultural riches.

The playing board is made from wood, with variations from island to island in the number of holes on each side, either 5, 6, 7 or 9 holes.

All the boards have two 'store house' holes, one on each end.

In Malaysia, the game is known as congkak, a name that is used in many Sumatran provinces as well.

In Java, the game is known as Congklak, dakon, dhakon or dhakonan. In Sulawesi, the game is referred to as Mokaotan, Maggaleceng, Aggalacang and Nogarata.

The names are taken from the local culture using words that reflect where the game is played, the manner of winning, the mode of play and the board or counters used. In Arab countries, the most common name is mancala (an Arabic word meaning in English “to move”).

In some West African countries the depressions in the board are referred to as Warri or Awari, which means houses, thus giving it the name Wari.

The most common name, Congklak, is taken from the cowrie shell, which is commonly used to play the game.

I've long been fascinated with Congklak, which I had thought of as a traditional Indonesian game since I first played it in Yogyakarta in the late 70s.

Much to my surprise, my previously held belief in the Indonesian origins of this game was shattered when I saw a Congklak board in a cultural display organized by the African Women's Group in Jakarta some years ago.

Indonesian cultural diversity benefited by the many peoples who passed through the archipelago, due to Indonesia's location along the primary trade route between Europe and Asia.

Together with the items they brought to sell, these traders brought bits of their culture along with them as well.

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