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What really drives me is sharing the power of make-up with every women - Beauty is NOT AN EXCLUSIVE CLUB.

There are no unattractive women, just some that don't know they can be beautiful - they don't understand the POWER OF MAKE-UP.

I’ve listened to The xx, obviously they’re not new, but that last album was incredible! Speaking of new albums, Charlotte OC's debut is now available for pre-order here, prior to the release on March 31st.

There’s a girl called Sigrid and she’s got a song called “Don’t Kill My Vibe.” I can only listen to it once, like I understand that it’s a good song, but I can’t listen to it a lot. We've been listening to it all this week, and every song is just incredible.

It felt kind of connected to that, that song has got quite a lot of heavy meaning. It’s crazy how you said right after you wrote it the Paris attacks happened.That’s what, I think that’s why it worked for me...because the studio wasn’t like an LA studio. It sounds weird, but it kind of works in our favor at the same time. Charlotte OC: I’ve been listening to a lot of Echo & The Bunnymen, which is an old band from Liverpool.I don’t listen to a lot of newer bands, but let me pull up my Spotify. I haven’t listened to the new Ryan Adams album but I’m going to!Find out all that and more in our chat with Charlotte OC... Charlotte OC: I was just reading the book, and then I watched the movie cause I just wanted to get as much of it as I could into my system, because I loved it so much. And I think that that’s really sad, but it happens constantly. I’m about the same age as you so I totally get what you mean.ANCHR Magazine: So I wanted to start out by saying congratulations on finishing your debut album! And just when I was watching the movie, it kind of like stood out to me... After being so moved by the story, and what happened, the fact that she doesn’t even end it with him and she just kind of goes back with Tom.... People just make you think that something is a really good idea, and then all of the sudden it’s not that fun for them anymore. I also was just kind of taking my own experiences of being careless, and caring a bit too much about stuff, and it just kind of felt right. So going back to your songwriting, did you draw inspiration from any other classic literature when you were writing the record, or is it mostly personal experiences that you draw from?

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