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He’s always been full of spirit and life.” That spirit has served them both well because in 2011, when Malachi was barely three, his mom and Jay’s wife, was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of leukemia.She was in excruciating pain as she went through two stem cell treatments and several chemo treatments.“Local recurrence” means that the cancer has come back to the same general area where the original cancer was located.“Regional recurrence” refers to cancer that has come back in the lymph nodes or other tissues near the original cancer site, usually by direct spread.He’d only been dating his then girlfriend, Kelly, a few months.The couple met when he went to the dentist and she was the assistant assigned to clean his teeth.

This term can be used for an individual or for a group of people within a study. Three family members – a mother, father and their son – all diagnosed with cancer.Jay Siltzer is the morning anchor at WLOS-TV, the ABC affiliate in Asheville, North Carolina.This term is usually used in the context of scientific research.Event-free survival (EFS): The measure of time after treatment that a group of people in a clinical trial has not had cancer come back or get worse.

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