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These rankings were assembled based on what I call the “new visitor” test.The average web user has about 10 seconds to be engaged by a website before they click away.

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On COTM’s main site you’ll find information regarding service times, locations, campus information, etc.The key is to make the headline about your potential visitor and not about your church. Instead, find the intersection between your church and a potential new visitor – Grace Hills Church does this exceptionally well.The easiest way to improve your church’s website is to improve your main headline. But if you’re having trouble crafting the perfect set of words, one trick I love to offer churches is to just use someone else’s words! Instead of talking about themselves, they use testimonies from people within as their main headline.Not only that, but across the entire site you’ll find beautiful photography that authentically captures what it feels like to be part of New Spring.Simply by visiting their site, you get an insider’s sense of attending on a Sunday, which is super important.

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