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#splitpage #main_content_wrapper #splitpage #main_wrapper_bottom . “The Deep Vault” is a medley of throwbacks to a radio sci-fi landscape of the 40s and 50s, which thrived on monotone-voiced robots, out-of-this-world mind melds and sinister government plots.We’re used to getting this kind of transparency for creators, but not necessarily from executives.This introspective series, regardless of the focus, continues to be a rarity in the entertainment world.Nate Corddry’s “Reading Aloud” departed the podcast airwaves earlier this year, but not before leaving behind a hearty collection of fiction and essays read by a fine group of actors and comedians (Aya Cash, Jimmi Simpson and Alison Pill were among this year’s guests).One of the show’s lasting delights will be this episode’s kick-off: Timothy Simons’ impeccable delivery of Mike Lacher’s Mc Sweeney’s essay “I’m Comic Sans, Asshole.” With an entertaining reading from Robyn Clark and a chilling George V.(See: their overview of the tumultuous history behind the birth of frequent flyer miles.) But the show succeeds even when it tackles more abstract concepts.“I Told You So” takes aim at our collective vilification of confronting other people after we’ve been proven right.

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Call it morbid fascination or escapist soap opera, but the basic premise of “Terms” alone (dangerous demagogic politician wins the presidential election, forcing the incumbent to block his succession) makes it a dirty-politics audio drama for the moment.

After initially setting their sights inward, chronicling the creation of Gimlet Media, “Start Up” has done a fine job documenting the travails of nascent businesses (last year’s Dating Ring season) and established business leaders (this season’s deep dive into the comeback attempt of former American Apparel head Dov Charney) alike.

Though it didn’t have the innate drama of some of those other episodes, no chapter in the “Start Up” saga put anyone under a microscope quite like this incredibly personal window into the life of Gimlet CEO Alex Blumberg.

Along with the episode about the science of nightmares, this is a showcase for its panelists’ uncanny ability to balance playful needling with a genuine curiosity.

And they mix in some of the quickest callback jokes you’ll find anywhere.

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