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    ” in case you were wondering.) might not seem terribly original now, with its power ballads and “I don’t know whether to fight you, or fuck you” dialogue, but the execution and simplicity of it all still make for a fine slice of entertainment, and the fight scenes still rank amongst my most watched from that era – it’s the martial arts equivalent of came left of centre at a time when the general public had chosen to simply write Van Damme off as capable of nothing more than straight to video-action-movies.

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    Never will you need to worry about us asking you for a credit card number to use our website. The only way you'll ever spend a single penny on Gay is if you voluntarily send a tip to you performer, which goes directly to them.

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    Begrt wurden alle Anwesenden von der kommissarischen Schulleiterin Bjela Witassek.

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    Yes, online dating is alive, thriving, and kicking.

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    Then there’s her work-related travel, four to five days a month.