Asp net dropdownlist selected value not updating

Additionally, model binding capabilities have been added to ASP.NET, which means you can map data from the page directly into method type parameters.There is a simple page with only a Drop Down List and disabled View State The code behind: using System; namespace Test Web Application Of course in the real world case I bind in different events (event handlers, Page_Init) and have some more complex logic for what to databind to but the bug is reproduceable in this simple scenario.If the selected value is cleared it should not be persisted internally and the databinding to the new datasource should be successful. If you are trying to set the value on page load, I am almost 100% sure VS will kick an error. Selected Value = Nothing Else Add Problem Ticket Created By. Is your Data Value field properly bound to the datasource? If so, set the selected value AFTER Dropdownlist X.databound happens.All text box value change on changing vale in droupdownlist dynamically means all value dependent on the dropdown list .All value from the data base I bind three value with the currency name ,id,currency code and country name.

You can now annotate your model classes with validation attributes from the System. Data Annotations namespace and request that all your site controls validate user input using that information. i am developing a small application for my par tics in which currency name populate from the data base which are in drop down it will working now.Now I want when I select currency name from dropdown list the code the and the country name show in the other textbox value example when I select Currency name like UK pound the value show show currency code 2 and other country name United state.There is a simple page with a single Drop Down List.If the control is databound and a Selected Value is set programatically and then the control is databound again with datasource that does not contain the same value an exception is thrown.

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