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Growing up, I was mostly conservative, but unfortunately nobody educated me on the importance of saving myself for marriage.Recently I met a guy I really liked, and he told me he wouldn't date someone with experience because he treasured the concept of saving yourself for your spouse, which needless to say broke my heart until this very day.In December 2013, Aish Ha Torah of New York filed suit against its former chief financial officer Jacob Fetman to enforce a Beth Din of America ruling that Fetman had stolen million in funds from the organization.

The program partners were announced as Chabad and Olami Worldwide, an organization that works closely with Aish.

The Jewish concept of teshuva (repentance) is to recognize your mistake, regret it, and resolve not to repeat it. Here's an idea that might help you to be more forgiving of yourself: Before you reached this point of maturity, you may have lacked clarity in a number of issues -- such as being honest in business transactions, properly honoring your parents, refraining from gossip, to name a few. But we should not punish ourselves for mistakes we made before we understood what the idea was all about, why it was so important, and what keeping it entailed.

When we do teshuva, we are able to move beyond our past and start anew. Being able to accept yourself as you are today can help you be more sure of yourself when it comes to dating for marriage.

The man who is right for you will be able to accept the fact that he is not "the first" -- and since it often happens that people from similar backgrounds are very compatible, it is possible that the person who becomes your husband will have his own history as well.

It's also a good idea to be discrete about disclosing information about your personal history.

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